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Local personaliztion
for everyone

Our goal is to provide a comfortable feel for everyone. We feel that diversity is superior. Whether you're a man, a woman, a boy, or a girl, we've got something for you. Every little detail matters.

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My Monkey Mouse News

It all started about 13 years ago. It was a one man show at that time. All she was doing was making monogrammed pillow cases, blankets, and lovies. Most of the stuff she had created was actually for babies. You can hear it in the name, My Monkey Mouse.

Then, the business began to grow. She started finding new and more popular products at the time. At first it wasn't a business, it was something to keep her busy as a stay-at-home mom. Once her products got more publicity, she realized that what she had created could be shared across the nation. 

So, she started personalizing other products such as monogrammed shirts. She realized, in order to make her business grow, she needed more help. That's where her other employees come into play. She also had to keep up with the things that were popular at the time such as bows, Lokais, and Corkcicles. Now, WE are growing our business to clients across the nation.

About My Monkey Mouse

We grew our business to selling more than 100 different products to clients across the nation.



We started personalizing items that were popular at that time.


We started as a one man show making pillow cases, blankets, and lovies.

From the bottom to the top

Location & Hours

6323 Pemberton Drive Dallas, Texas 75230




Shopping Days on Wednesdays from 10am to 12pm


For ordering products or questions, email us or text us @ 214-704-1474

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